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Machine knitting has been a big part of my life as I grew up wearing machine knitted jumpers, cardigans and dresses knitted for me by my mum. When I was 17 I asked if I could use my mum’s Brother KH588 push button knitting machine which had been underneath a bed for many years. This was the start of an obsession that has lasted over 35 years! My next knitting machine was a second hand Brother KH830 punch card and then I started knitting for others as well as myself and family.

In 1990, I moved to the Lake District and started working for a local Machine Knitting shop in Whitehaven. I was making children’s motif jumpers working from home for over a year when I decided to start my own business. I received help and support from The Princess Business Trust, so I started my first business which was called Glorious Knitwear when I returned to Scotland. 

Intarsia adult jumper.

I have a thirst to learn new things so eventually I went back to college to attend a part-time Centra Machine Knitting course over 3 years to learn how to design knitwear and even more about machine knitting. Afterwards I worked from home again, this time for a local knitwear factory as a pieceworker. I have been self-employed more than I have had ‘normal’ jobs, so I have been lucky enough to be able to follow my bliss. At times, it was a struggle but I wouldn’t have changed things for the world.

Eventually my knitting machines, pattern books and coned yarn were taking over my home as people were finding me via the knitting groups I went to etc. and giving me knitting machines they no longer wanted as well as their yarn stash! I would be offered a knitting machine that I didn’t have and machines do vary… I just couldn’t say no! That was ok when I lived in a house with 2 large walk in cupboards. I was very lucky 4 years ago to get a larger studio before Skillshare closed. The plan was to teach there but it never happened due to my health and life got in the way.

GlowsCraft Studio
Moving in.

For years I have been saying I wanted to teach women how to machine knit to provide for themselves and their family. To enable them to put food on their table and to empower them.

I have the knitting machines, I have the yarn, the knowledge and experience to teach machine knitting to a high standard. Things have fallen into place bit by bit over the years and now due to recent events I know I have to do this.

It is time to put the power back into the individual hands of women and men. We can make a difference to our family and also our local economy’s. I hope you will join me in my new journey with the help of WEvolution…

3 thoughts on “Machine Knitting

  1. Grant Rattray

    I would love to learn how to work a knitting machine where do I go I live in Dundee

  2. Suzanne Harris

    I have just read your story . I can relate to you as a machine knitter and designer for over 40 years now ! It’s my passion !
    I would love to know how you have got on with your plans , it sounds very inspirational !

    1. GlowsCrafts

      Hi Suzann, sorry for the late reply. Things really got delayed but I have now managed to find a new studio now so once my coned yarn, knitting machines and old knitting magazines I treasure I am going to start teaching machine knitting as well as other crafts.

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