Fishermans Rib Soft Scarf

150g-200g of chunky yarn (6-8mm suitable yarn)
12mm knitting needles
Crochet hook/rug hook
Sharp Scissors or a rotary cutter
Tension: not important.
Pattern: Cast on 12 st loosely with long tail cast on method ensuring yarn tail is long enough to be included in fringe.
1st row: k1, p1 till end.
My Easy Method of Fisherman’s Rib:
 2nd row: k. into k. st. underneath st. on left needle, slipping off the st. on the left needle, p1 repeat till end.
Repeat row 2 for pattern until the scarf is required length then cast of loosely still in fisherman’s rib as in row 2.
I recommend using the following method so there is a smooth transition when your skein of yarn runs out and this also means no sewing in yarn ends. Add the new yarn end when there is about a 7″ tail left and knit both yarn (new and old) ends together as you knit about 4 or 5 sts.

Wrap yarn around a hardback book. I used one 8″ long as I wanted a very long fringe. Wrap yarn around book until you have 40 wraps in total. Cut in half with sharp scissors. Using 4 strands at a time, fold over and using a crochet or rug hook pull loop to back of scarf, pull ends through loop and tighten up gently. Include the yarn ends when making the end fringes so there is no sewing up!
Trim fringe to straighten it, use a ruler or edge of book as a guide. I used my rotary cutter and a ruler to get a straight edge.

© by Gloria Currie/GlowsCrafts 3/11/09

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